Exploitation and Dissemination of Knowledge. We have included specific activities with the aim of ensuring that we absorb the new technological developments achieved in WP6. To this end we plan a specific task (T6.2) that includes different training sessions where the two RTD performers will update us on their research advancements and provide training to make industrial validation easier. Also within this WP, we include tasks where we will review the commercial exploitation plan of the THINFRAME consortium and the dissemination channels we will follow to get THINFRAME known by the industrial decision makers and end users of the window sector. These activities are coordinated (see section 2.1) by the Exploitation Manager (Fapes) and Dissemination Manager (Rossi stamp), respectively. WP6 will be led by FAP given their experience in the window industry and deep knowledge of the market’s needs and current trends. It runs from Month 1 to 24 since we believe continuous review of the market requirements is essential to ensure a successful future exploitation.


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