Integration and validation. As a natural continuation to research, we have planned a demonstration WP devoted to integrate the technology and adapt it to our industrial production. This is the most relevant WP from the point of view of industrial application and we designed it to transfer all previous experimental results to our operations and shorten the time needed for commercial exploitation. Therefore, we will play a very active role in this WP where we will validate the developments achieved by: preparing small batches of the thermal insulating foam (PCM products), demonstration samples of foam filled PVC profiles (Rossi Stamp and Polinter) and facilitating testing according to methods dictated by industrial standards of the window industry (FAP). In addition, we will review our separate production processes and costs and bring them together to provide an updated full cost analysis of our products and supply chain. Polinter will led WP5 as they are in the middle of the supply chain and have a better overview of the material and process requirements. This WP runs from month 19 to month 24 considering that at month 19, the design of the die in WP4 will be completed and the incorporation of the foam into the PVC profiles will almost be finished so pre-industrial trials at our premises can be started. In addition, we consider this time as reasonable in case any minor amendments are required (this is why WP4 will be still in execution).


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