Optimisation of the production of foam filled PVC profiles. The research activities in this WP will be directly linked to the two other protectable results planned in THINFRAME, the co-extrusion system and the profile and window structure. It will be led by SKZ due to their experience in extrusion and co-extrusion with the participation of Inspiralia in the simulation of the profiles’ properties. Rossi Stamp will play an important role through the collaboration in the manufacture of an experimental extrusion die that SKZ will use to perform research tests. Polinter and Fapes will participate in this WP providing feedback from their production processes.

This WP will run from month 10 to month 21 given the fact that the extrusion of both the foam and PVC will be controlled by the simulation of the window profile properties (T4.1), design and construction of the die for extrusion testing (T4.2) and production and assembly of foam filled profiles (T4.3 and T4.4).


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