Formulation of the thermal insulating foam.


The outcome of this WP will lead to one of the protectable results, the thermal insulating foam formulation (see section 3). It will be led by SKZ, as experts in compounding of plastics, and will be supported by INSP. WP3 will serve to meet the proposed Technological Objectives 1 and 2. PCM Products, Rossi Stamp and Polinter will provide feedback as regards their production processes so that the foam is produced.

This WP will have a duration of 12 months from month 4 to month 15 as different components need to be incorporated to find a novel thermal insulating foam incorporating PCM. First, the foaming of polystyrene (PS) will be controlled by the study of the foaming process under processing conditions by extrusion and study of the incorporation of polyethylene (PE) to control the foam physical properties (task T3.1). Then the PCM structures developed in WP2 will be incorporated (T3.2) and the final formulation tuned by the use of suitable additives (T3.3 and T3.4).


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