Preparation of protecting PCM structures.


We treat this as a separate WP since the activities planned belong to a key materials development (microencapsulation) which is currently not available and will allow extrusion of the PCM together with the foam. The research work will be led by INSP based on their expertise in insulating polymer materials. The outcome of WP2, will ensure the fulfilment of the Technological Objective 1. PCM Products will oversee the developments made ensuring that the PCM can be obtained from commercial sources and that the protection is suitable for industrial production.

This WP lasts from month 4 to month 12 because the protection of PCM by microencapsulation requires the development of an ad hoc chemical route and complete testing of the physical properties of the different samples of encapsulated PCM. Furthermore, WP2 will run in parallel with WP3 since the tuning of final properties needs the feedback from the incorporation to the foam (T3.2).


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