Establishment of the basic technical criteria for the preparation of THINFRAME products.


This WP will be led by Inspiralia given their expertise in materials and simulation of structural and thermal areas. WP1 will set the basis for the subsequent development. We will be part of this WP as PCM Products and Fapes will provide their industrial knowledge of the materials and windows businesses to ensure that experimental work is performed from the first stages with a view to the final industrial requirements. We have divided WP1 in three tasks involving three different activities of the research work:


· the process of foaming and the processing for making it compatible with PVC extrusion (T1.1, led by SKZ given their expertise in research of processing of plastics and related to Technological Objectives 1, 2 and 3);


· the protection of PCM which involves research on materials properties (expertise provided by Inspiralia that will lead T1.2, aimed to be part of Technological Objective 1) and


· the structure of the profile and the window where the studies are made by simulation (Inspiralia leads this role to meet Technological Objective 4).

This WP will run from month 1 to month 5 because we need to establish the most adequate foaming agent and PVC formulation, the specific organic PCM and encapsulating chemical route has to be tested and the simulation tools needs to be adapted from commercial software to the thermal storage properties of PCM.


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